Black Butler 9″ Ciel Plush

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Ciel Phantomhive is the head of the noble Phantomhive Household, and the protagonist of the Black Butler (or Kuroshitsuji) Series.

As expected of a noble, Ciel always dresses elegantly despite being a young boy. He has Dark Blue Hair and a Black Eye Patch over his right eye, but that is not because of any form of injury, but in fact because of his contract with Sebastian.

While Ciel’s Personality is rather cold, his main objects in life are to avenge those who have humiliated both him and the Phantomhive household. Sebastian Michaelis is almost always by his side, and appears to be the only one that truly knows of Ciel’s Plans, and it appears that one of the greatest joys of Ciel is to challenge Sebastian which also includes endangering him.





Black Butler 9" Ciel Plush by Great Eastern

Black Butler 9" Ciel Plush by Great Eastern Rating:
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There have rarely been anything cuter than Chibi Ciel, besides this Chibi Ciel Plush of course, made by Great Eastern Entertainment and stands around 9". Ciel Phantomhive may not be the most uplifting fella, but he sure is huggable.


  • Licensed Black Butler plush toy.
  • Ciel stands approximately 9" tall.

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