Official Bleach 8″ Ishida Uryu Plush

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A Little About Uryu Ishida

Ishida is quite unique in the bleach series being one of the only living Quincy’s left, and not a Shinigami. Unlike most of his comrades (ehem Ichigo) Ishida prefers to incapacitate his opponents and not use deadly force. He does this by summoning a bow and arrow which he creates by gathering Reishi, then using insane feats of archery. Ishida is generally cool and collected with a high sense of chivalry and sewing skills, as well as an odd hate of buttons (yes buttons).


ishida plushie

Memorable Ishida Quotes :


– I swear on the pride of the Quincy… I will KILL YOU!

– It’s just like you to waste energy with stupid comments Ichigo.

Bleach Uryu 8 Inch Plush

Bleach Uryu 8 Inch Plush Rating:
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Product Description

This adorable, highly detailed licensed original plush of the always cool Ishida Uryu captures him perfectly. Be careful, if purchasing it to keep it away from Shinigami Plushies, as they have a bad history.


  • Official, licensed Bleach Uryu plush toy made by GE Entertainment. UPC: 699858970223
  • Well-made, high-quality GE Entertainment plush toy
  • Approximately 7 inches along the longest dimension
  • Meets CPSC Toy Safety Standards

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