One Piece GE Animation 8 Inch Chopper Plushie

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The History Behind The Tony Tony Chopper Plushie :

Tony Tony Chopper, isn’t just the cutest character in One Piece, he’s one of the cutest in the whole anime genre, and should have been included in pokemon in my opinion. He is the doctor of the Strawhat Crew. Don’t be fooled by chopper’s

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adorable look, as he can transform into a kick ass deer on steroids (among other transformations). Most of the time though, chopper is a child like munchkin, with a scaredy cat attitude. However, when push comes to shove and his nakama are in danger, he pulls through.


One Piece 8 Inch Chopper Plushie - Licensed

One Piece 8 Inch Chopper Plushie - Licensed Rating:
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Product Description

Chopper is undeniably the cutest Doctor in history, and this 8" Chopper Plushie portrays his cuteness perfectly.


  • This One Piece Tony Tony Chopper plush is sure to make you smile.
  • He is wearing his trademark pink hat with a white sideways medical cross.
  • Order yours today!

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