Pokemon Center Canvas Cyndaquil Plush

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Background Of This Cyndaquil Plush

Cyndaquill is a fascinating pokemon, which actually resembles an animal which you may or may not have heard, called Echidna (though its nickname is the fire mouse). Its defense primarily

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comes from the flames that erupt through its back, and also give it a cool look if you ask me, along with its partially eyes which are due to it being young.




Things To Know When Adopting A Cyndaquill :

– Cyndaquills actually vary in personality, so you may have to resort to plain luck when getting one.

– Cyndaquills need a dominant trainer, as they are very unaware of their own strengths and weaknesses.


Pokemon Center Cyndaquil Plush (Japanese Import)

Pokemon Center Cyndaquil Plush (Japanese Import) Rating:
List Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $9.50
(as of 11/07/2012 13:45 UTC - Details)

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Product Description

Cyndaquil is one of the most lovable starter Pokemons throughout the various games, and this Japanese Imported Cyndaquil Plush imported from the Pokemon center really brings it to life in an extremely huggable fashion, where even flames are soft to the touch like furr.


  • Imported from Pokemon Center Japan
  • Cute and collectible
  • Perfect as a gift for all Pokemon fans
  • Limited availability
  • New and sealed inside retail packaging

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