Fairy Tail Happy Plush 7″ Officially Licensed by Sekiguchi

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Fairy Tail Happy Plush 7" Officially Licensed by Sekiguchi

Fairy Tail Happy Plush 7" Officially Licensed by Sekiguchi Rating:
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Product Description

From the tip of his tail to the shine on his nose, Happy is Natsu Dragneel's best friend. One day Natsu found an egg in the East Forest of Magnolia Town and thinking it was a dragon egg, Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Elfman took care of the egg until Happy hatched out of it. Happy belongs to a race called Exceed, which are considered by the people of the parallel universe Edolas to be divine beings with the power to destroy the humans if displeased.

Happy and 99 other Exceed eggs were taken from their parents and sent to Earth Land (the universe where the story of Fairy Tail takes place) from the parallel universe of Edolas with the original mission of destroying those wizards that used Dragon Slayer magic. When Edolas' King Faust began stealing magical energy from Earth Land using Anima, the Exceed's Queen Shagotte sent new orders to the 100 Exceed in Earth Land. You'll have to read the Fairy Tail manga or watch the Fairy Tail anime to find out what happens next!

Similarly, this Fairy Tail Happy Plush by Sekiguchi has been sent to our universe with a mission of his own: to be your friend! This Happy Plush is made of some seriously soft material and has the most adorable plastic nose and whiskers with the rest of his facial elements embroidered. He has little paw pads on the underside of his hind paws and a little plush version of the green sack he wears on his back. Underneath the green sack you will find Happy's Fairy Tail tattoo.


  • Officially licensed by Sekiguchi
  • Happy is made of a really soft fabric!
  • Has Fairy Tail symbol on his back under his green pouch!
  • High demand makes this official Fairy Tail Happy plush hard-to-find!
  • Imported Japanese product contains Japanese text on attached labels and swing tags

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