Official Fairy Tail 8″ Natsu Plush

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More About Natsu Dragnell and This Natsu Plush :

Natsu Dragneel is definitely a unique looking character, from his spiky pink hair, spiky personality and a unique Scarf which was given to him by none other than his adoptive father, Igneel the dragon (that’s not a nickname he’s actually a dragon). While all members of Fairy Tail

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carry the guild stamp in various places, Natsu has it on his right arm like one would carry a classic tattoo.

While Natsu is rather silly and carefree, he’s definitely a good friend to have due to his loyal and protective nature. Much like Luffy from One Piece, while Natsu may not appear so smart, his wit during combat is uncanny, and those who underestimate him will regret it. Natsu’s Greatest Weakness believe it or not is motion sickness, to the point it renders him useless. He even gets motion Sick when being carried by other people!




Official Licensed Fairy Tail Natsu Plush

Official Licensed Fairy Tail Natsu Plush Rating:
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Product Description

This official 8” Natsu Plush proves that Natsu is one of the cutest characters in Chibi ever, and luckily for you is made soft and huggable. It also carries a string on top for hanging comfortably, but please be considerate of Natsu’s motion sickness, or ask Wendy to use her powers to prevent it before going anywhere!


  • Official Fairy Tail anime plush!
  • Natsu plush stands approximately 8" tall.
  • Plush has a string on top of head.

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