Great Eastern Shonen Jump Death Note 8″ L Plush

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More About Death Note, And The L Plush :

L is perhaps the most popular character to come

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out of the Death Note manga and anime, and is one of the only character to rival Light Yagami’s intelligence. He becomes suspicious of Light Yagami, and poses a particular challenge due to never revealing his real name (a requirement for the Death Note).

L is a very peculiar person, with constant dark shadows around the eyes that indicate a serious lack of sleep, as well as only taking in desserts as nutrition. He is always seen crouched ever, with a preference to being bare feet even when outside.


death note l plush dolls

Memorable L Quotes :


– If I sit like a normal person my investigative abilities would be half as effective.

– No Matter How Gifted you are.. You alone cannot Change the World

Great Eastern Shonen Jump Death Note 8" L Plush

Great Eastern Shonen Jump Death Note 8" L Plush Rating:
List Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $10.90
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Product Description

The Death Note plush measures approximately 6 inches.


  • Official Shonen Jump product
  • High quality plush
  • Made by GE Animation
  • Great gift for any Death Note or Shonen Jump fan

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