Hetalia Axis Powers: 8″ America Plush

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A Little About The Character Behind The America Plush 

America is one of the main characters of Hetalia: Axis Powers, and the leader of the Allied Forces. His human name is Alfred. F Jones.  America is a great patriot, seen wearing a jacket with the number 50, representing all 50 states, but more importantly he is seen almost always holding a large sized Cola or hamburger.
America is very cheerful and filled with energy, and has a stereotypical type of obsession with freedom and heroes, but not as much as he’s  obsessed with  junk food.


Memorable Hetalia America Quotes 

– You Frenchies just love to hate us! Why don’t you go back to makings statues of hot green chicks!

– Dude! Christmas rocks! We know how to do it right, here! First, we X out the ‘Christ’ part to make it extreme! Then we shop and eat stuff ’til we’re sick! Wanna shovel down some X-Mas cake to get in the spirit?


Hetalia Axis Powers: 8" America Plush

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Product Description

This super adorable and licensed 8" America Plush is a great depiction of America's cheerful nature. Be warned though, America consumes a lot of junk food.


  • Official Licensed Product
  • Made by GE Animation

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