GE Entertainment Naruto 8″ Kakashi Plushie

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Learn More About Hatake Kakashi and This Cool Kakashi Plushie :

Hatake Kakashi, also

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copy ninja Kakashi due to his abillity to copy any techinque using the sharingan, which he only posesses in one eye. Kakashi, despite not necessarily being the main protagonist of the naruto, and naruto shippuden series, is perhaps the most popular, due to his cool attitude and fighting style. Kakashi is the original leader and teacher of Team 7 which consisted of Sakura, Sasuke and of course Naruto.


kakashi plush doll


Memorable Quotes From Kakashi :


– Sorry I’m late. I got lost on the road of life.

– Hmm how shall I say this… My first impression is… I don’t like you guys.

– Those who betray ninja rules are trash… but those who betray their comrades are worse than trash.

GE Entertainment Naruto 8" Kakashi Plushie

GE Entertainment Naruto 8" Kakashi Plushie Rating:
List Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $9.95
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Product Description

While I always found Kakashi to be cool, never have I thought about him as being cute. But in this licensed 8" Kakashi Plushie (rhymes nicely) one gets the best of both worlds in this cool, yet huggable form of Hatake Kakashi.


  • Official, licensed Naruto Kakashi plush toy made by GE Entertainment. UPC: 699858970377
  • Well-made, high-quality GE Entertainment plush toy
  • Approximately 8 inches along the longest dimension
  • Meets CPSC Toy Safety Standards

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