Kingdom Hearts 2 – 12″ Sitting Roxas Plush

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Where The Roxas Plush Came From :

Roxas is a “nobody” created from Sora who temporarily lost his heart in the first game.
Roxas is a member Organization XIII which is basically a group of “nobodies”. Roxas is a key member of the group as he weilds a weapon that allows him to capture hearts. Roxas gained such populairty through the older versions of the game as a side character that later on he became the protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days video game which explores his origins. Unlike most nobodies, Roxas

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carries a lot of emotions, and much like his other half Soras but even more so, Roxas is short tempered and aggressive.


Memorable Roxas Quotes :


– You know, that last wonder wasn’t exactly wonderful.

– I’m dreaming… But which parts…were the dream?

Kingdom Hearts 2 - 12" Sitting Roxas Plush

Kingdom Hearts 2 - 12" Sitting Roxas Plush Rating:
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Product Description

This massive 12" Roxas Plush by the Kingdom Hearts brand iself is an adorable version of this nobody who has more emotions than anybody. The smarter half of Soras, and our opinion.


  • 12 iches Tall
  • Super adorable

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