One Piece: 10″ Luffy Plush

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Info On Luffy The Future Pirate King, And This Classic Luffy Plush : 

Luffy is the main character of One Piece, and despite appearing stupid and focusing way too much on eating, he’s a complete genius when it comes to fighting, using his rubber powers which he received by eating a devil’s fruit to the absolute max. Luffy is known as the captain of the Strawhat Pirates, thanks to his precious straw hat that never leaves his side. Luffy’s never say die attitude resembles that of Naruto and Ichigo from Bleach, and aids him in fighting seemingly impossible opponents to beat.


Memorable Luffy Quotes :


– If I get reincarnated…. I wanna become a clam.

– I’ve set myself to become the King of the Pirates…and if I die trying…then at least I tried!

One Piece: Luffy Plush "10 Licensed

One Piece: Luffy Plush "10 Licensed Rating:
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Product Description

This rather large 10" Luffy Plush brings the future pirate king to life.. well to the plush world at least.


  • Official Licensed Product
  • Made by GE Animation

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