Naruto Shippuden – 12″ Uchiha Madara Plush

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Learn About The Man Behind The Madara Plush :

Madara is perhaps the most legendary member of the Uchiha clan, and one of its original leaders. He is one of the founders of Konoha village along with the Senju tribe. More info is of course available, but contains spoilers, so for both your sake and mine I’ll avoid it.


Naruto Shippuden - 12" Madara Uchiha Plush

Naruto Shippuden - 12" Madara Uchiha Plush Rating:
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Product Description

While Uchiha Madara is perhaps the most powerful character introducted in the Shippuden Series yet, this high quality large 12" Madara Plush is one of the cutest in the plush world. And feels that way as well, being durable yet very soft to the touch.


  • Durable Material
  • Childproof
  • 12 Inches
  • Very soft
  • Plush Doll

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