Cool Mihawk 12 Inches One Piece Plush Doll

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Learn Where This Badass Mihawk Plush Comes From :

Mihawk Dracule is a member of the extremely powerful Shichibukai. He is considered the strongest swordsman in the world, a spot which is desired by Roronoa Zoro.
His clothing style, as well as swordsmanship indicates that he is spanish. Most importantly, he’s a complete badass.


Memorable Mihawk Quotes :


–  I am not stupid enough to use a cannon to hunt a rabbit.

– I am Dracule Mihawk. It is too soon for you to die. You have to learn more about the world, and discover your true self. You have to become stronger, Roronoa Zoro. No matter how long it will take, I will always be the Greatest Swordsman in the world and will be waiting for you! You have to practice both your skill and your heart to become stronger. Dare to challenge me again, Roronoa Zoro!

Huge Mihawk One Piece Plush Doll 12"

Huge Mihawk One Piece Plush Doll 12" Rating:
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The uber badass that is Mihawk, is a surprisingly adorable one piece plush doll, especially as an incredibly massive 12" plushie.


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