Official Bleach 8″ Orihime Plush by GE Entertainment

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Who Exactly Is The Person Behind The Orihime Plush?

Orihime is a classmate of Ichigo and one of his closest friends, and also seems to have feeling of some sort for him. Her physical trait which is most noticeable is her slender body and for lack of a better term, large breasts (which Kon is particularly obsessed with but who could blame him). Orihime is very cute, naive and a sensitive person that may appear clueless at first but actually has a strong sense of knowing how others are feeling.


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Memorable Orihime Quotes :


– If I were the rain that bind together the earth and sky, who in all eternity will never mingle, would I be able to bind the hearts of people together?

– It’s impossible to feel exactly the same as someone else… but when you both care for each other, your hearts are able to draw a little closer together. I think that’s what it means to make your hearts as one.

Official Bleach 8" Orihime Plush by GE Entertainment

Official Bleach 8" Orihime Plush by GE Entertainment Rating:
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Product Description

Orihime is without a doubt one of the cutest characters both in the bleach and anime altogether. This 8" Orihime Plush captures her adorable and somewhat clueless nature perfectly, and while making the plushie with large breasts would make it more accurate, it would also make it creepy, so overall a great job by GE Entertainment.


  • Official licensed product, made by Great Eastern Entertainment
  • Soft plush material. Well-made and quality stitching.
  • 7 inches in height

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