Fullmetal Alchemist 6″ Roy Mustang Plush Sitting Pose

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More About Roy Mustang, And The Roy Mustang Plush :

Roy mustang is one of the most fascinating characters in the FMA world.
Known as the Flame Alchemist due to his unique mastery of flame alchemy.

Roy is noticeably handsome and ambitious, aiming to reach the ranks of fuhrer of Amestris. While Roy appears to be arrogant and cocky, he is an extremely devoted commander with a desire to protect those he cares about.

His most important relationship is with his subordinate Riza Hawkeye, in which he trusts more than anyone else in the world, giving her both the role of bodyguard and destroyer if he ever goes on the wrong path.


Memorable Roy Mustang Quotes :


– You can call me Roy Mustang. Or just Lieutenant Colonel. Hell, you can call me the Flame Alchemist. Whatever you do, remember the pain.

– It’s always a lot scarier dealing with the living.
Give me a ghost to talk to any day.

Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Plush Sitting Pose

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Product Description

The 6" Roy Mustang Plush which is fully licensed, is so cutely accurate that one can even recognize Roy's somewhat smug look, which we all know carries a lot more meaning.


  • Licensed Fullmetal Alchemist plush.
  • Approx. 8" tall.
  • For age 6 and up

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