Soul Eater – 8″ Soul Plush by GE Animation

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Why Soul Is Cool, and So is This Soul Plush :

Soul is one of the coolest characters to come out of not just Soul Eater, but the entire anime world. Soul “Eater” Evans is the Death Scythe of Maka, and her beloved companion. Soul has a tendency to behave “cool” which more often than not fails, especially when attractive women are involved.
Unlike other weapons through the series, Soul seems to receive a genuine enjoyment from eating souls, which fits his general gluttony towards food as well.


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Soul’s argumentative nature, and having quite the opposite personality than that of Maka, they remain great companions, often protecting Maka by risking his life.




Licensed Soul Eater - 8" Soul Plush by GE Animation

Licensed Soul Eater - 8" Soul Plush by GE Animation Rating:
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Product Description

This Soul Eater 8" Soul Plush by GE Animation is one of the most beautiful plushies available today, with Soul's details almost fully perfected. He's cool, yet silly and huggable, just like in the anime.


  • Official Licensed Product By GE Animation
  • Approximate size: 8'' Inches

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