6″ Pokabu Pokemon Center Tepig Plush

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More About The Cutest Pig In The World, The Tepig Plush : 

Tepig, as if you haven’t noticed by both name and appearance, is a pig like Pokemon. Unlike real pigs, tepig is quite agile. It has quite a powerful fire attack which it shoots through its snout. Tepig is able to learn the unique Heat Crash attack, which only it can perform along with his relatives, Emboar and Pignite.


Things To Know When Adopting A Tepig :


– Like a dog, Tepig tends to wag its tail when happy.

– Its favorite food is berries as long as they’re cooked using his own flames.

6" Tepig Plush / Pokabu Pokemon Center

6" Tepig Plush / Pokabu Pokemon Center Rating:
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Product Description

This adorable 6" Tepig Plush comes straight from the Pokabu Pokemon Center in the US, in the most huggable form possible.


  • From Pokemon Center, United States of America
  • Cute and collectible
  • Perfect as a gift for all Pokemon fans
  • Limited availability
  • New and sealed inside retail packaging

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