Ulquiorra Plush from The Bleach Series – 8 Inches

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Learn More About Ulquiorra and The Ulquiorra Plush :

Ulquiorra Cifer is an Arrancar, and the 4th Espada in Aizen’s Army.
While Ulquiorra is “only” the 4th in ranks, he’s perhaps the most beloved character from that Saga, due to his beautiful form and his fascinating nature.

It’s hard to ignore Ulquiorra’s Melancholic appearance, and materialistic viewpoint, which is backed by not a hint of passion. He refers to individuals who do not interest him as “trash” and will kill both enemies and comrades without a hint of hesitation. Ulquiorra seems to lack any comprehension of the human nature, though it appears that the battle with Ichigo changed that.




8" Ulquiorra Plush Doll from The Bleach Series

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Rarely has non main characters been able to draw as much attention as Ulquiorra, and nothing brings him more to life than this adorable 8" Ulquiorra Plush, quite a rare item from the Bleach series.


  • Ulquiorra Plush is approximately 8" tall.
  • Plush has string on top of head.

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