Pokemon Center 6″ Umbreon Plushie

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The History of The Umbreon Plushie From Pokemon : 

Umbreon is another one of Evee’s evolved state, and my personal favorite. Evee evolves into Umbreon when either using a moon shard or evolving during the night (though this requires a high level of friendship and trust between the trainer and evee).

While it is hard to define which animal Umbreon takes after, it is quite noticeable that it has fox, or cat like eyes. While it is one of the cutest pokemons out there, don’t let that fool you. Umbreon is a stealth hunter, that likes to stalk its prey. Its yellow rings tend to glow at night and strike fear into anyone in its path.



Things To Know When Adopting An Umbreon :


– Never agitate an Umbreon, they can omit a poisonous sweat.

– Ideally you should have a roof, as Umbreon would love sitting there staring at the moon.

Pokemon Center 6" Umbreon Plushie (Poke Doll)

Pokemon Center 6" Umbreon Plushie (Poke Doll) Rating:
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Product Description

Another star of the Poke Doll series of Plush Dolls, this 5" Original Umbreon Plushie is one of the cutest Pokemon Plush Dolls made to date, and a joy to all fans of Umbreon.


  • Plush Umbreon Doll X 1
  • Length of doll: around 12cm or 5"
  • Material: Plush(Outside) and Cotton(Inside)
  • Minimum Age Recommendation: 1 month and up

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