Vampire Knight 8″ Kaname Plushie

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Where The Kaname Plushie Comes From 

Kaname is the head of the Kuran Family, and one of the oldest vampires throughout the series, with an age dating back to 10000 years. It is hard to ignore how beautiful Kaname is, with a reddish hair and garnet eyes. Kaname has many sides to his personality, usually a very calm and collected as well as strict. However, when it comes to Yuki he tends to be jealous, and softer, showing indifference to anything else but Yuki’s well being.


Memorable Kaname Kuran Quotes :

– I’ve always been alone. The only one that can bring warmth into my life, is you.

– Yuki is my dear girl. The only one in the entire world.


Vampire Knight 8" Kaname Plushie - Official Licensed

Vampire Knight 8" Kaname Plushie - Official Licensed Rating:
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Product Description

This 8" Kaname Plushie is licensed by non other than the Vampire Knight brand. The only thing cuter than Kaname is Chibi Kaname, having lived over 10000 years and getting more handsome by the century.


  • Licensed Vampire Knight merchandise.
  • Vampire Knight Kaname Plush is approximately 8" tall.

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