Vampire Knight 8″ Zero Kiryu Plush

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Learn More About The Zero Kiryu Plush :

Zero Kiryu is not just a key character throughout the Vampire Knight series, he’s also the only vampire hunter to be seen. It is hard to confuse Zero with anyone else due to his unique appearence. With beautiful silver hair and lavender eyes. His weapon of choice is an anti vampire gun known as “Bloody Rose”.
While Zero appears cold and has

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a stare that even Kaname admits is scary, he is actually quite gentle, with a strong will to protect those he loves.


Memorable Zero Kiryu Quotes :

– They are just beasts who took human forms!

– I want these gentle hands… and this kind smile… Even though I should not want such a thing.


Original Vampire Knight 8" Zero Kiryu Plush

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Product Description

This fully licensed 8" Zero Kiryu Plush is an adorable chibi version of this fascinating silver haired Vampire Hunter. Zero is carrying one of his most memorable Black Jackets with a red tie, and is also carrying his trusted weapon of choice "Bloody Rose"


  • They've come to eat your blood! Here is the Vampire Knight Zero plush.
  • Zero is known to be a kind and gentle person even though he carries around a anti-vampire gun.
  • Zero is wearing his black school uniform with his red tie outside the jacket.
  • Zero is ready for anything, as he has his anti-vampire gun on hand.
  • Order yours today!

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