Pokemon Center 6″ Inch Vaporeon Plush

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The Background Behind Vaporeon’s Role in  Pokemon, And This Chibi Vaporeon Plush : 

Vaporeon is one of 7 evolved states of Evee, and occurs when Evee is exposed to a water stone.

Vaporeon is quite difficult to describe as it contains so many elements of different animals starting from dolphins, fish, and cats and dogs. Since the molecular structure of Vaporeons allows them to blend with water which makes them seemingly invisible.

It is said that most mermaid stories originate from Vaporeons, as their tail is shaped like a mermaid.



Things To Know When Adopting A Vaporeon :


– Vaporeons must be near water, preferably a lake.

Pokemon Center 6" Inch Vaporeon Plush

Pokemon Center 6" Inch Vaporeon Plush Rating:
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Product Description

Vaporeon, one of the 7 evolved states of Eevee is "chibizised" to perfection in this 6" Vaporen Plush Doll. While it may be confusing to try to pin point which animals are the inspiration for Vaporeon, one thing is for sure, it's hella cute.


  • Vaporeon is the Water-type Evolution of Eevee
  • Brand New 6" Inch Plush Doll
  • Does Not Come With Tags

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