How to Clean Anime Plushies?

  • By: Mohammed Zeliche
  • Date: November 14, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Whether you are an anime fan or not, it’s undeniable that collecting anime plushies is an obsession. It’s something that makes us happy, and it can even keep us up at night. Cleaning anime plushies is a simple job that most people can do themselves in a span of a minute or two. But it can also be time-consuming.

In this article, we will show you how to clean anime plushies. We will also explain what it takes to clean anime plushies. Do your anime plushies need cleaning? If yes, then this is the article for you.

How do I clean anime plushies?

We all love bringing the cute and cuddly side of anime to life, but what happens when you want to clean them? We can all agree that anime plushies are falling apart. To help you out, here are simple methods to make sure your anime is in tip-top shape!

Let’s find how you should clean your anime plushies:

Method# 1: Dusting your anime plushies

Some people find themselves thinking that they can simply dust their anime plushies, but they’re mistaken. To really get the best results, you need to dust your anime plushies using a special method.

When you’re cleaning your anime plushies, you want to make sure that you’re getting rid of the excess hair and dust. Using a dust cloth and a soft brush, you can get rid of the excess hair and dust and avoid damage to the plushies.

Lint rollers are essentially my saving grace. I use them on my clothing, fabric backdrops, and plushies too! The best part is the sticky won’t pull plushies apart or transfer onto fabrics. Makeup brushes are also a good method to remove dust from tight spaces. With it, they are soft and don’t scratch or torn the fabric.

Method# 2: Pilling your stuffed animals

Pilling stuffed animals is a good way to get rid of excess rubbed-out fabric. There are tools for doing this. It’s a little blade connected to a casing that will suck up and hold the cut-off bits of cotton, but you can also use a razor.

Method# 3: Washing your plushies

Certain plushies are more fragile than others, so make sure to take extra precautions. Some plushies are made out of a special material called “viscose.” This material is very sensitive, so make sure you don’t wash it too many times or you could damage it!

Remove any tags that cannot be washed safely. If the tag has a plastic tab, bend it and slip it off. This shouldn’t damage the plush or tag, and it’s easy to clean.

Machine Plushie Washing

Once the plush toy is tag-free and you’re sure it’s safe for washing, place it into a pillowcase to prevent the tags from getting caught. If you don’t have a pillowcase, use a hair elastic instead. Set the washer to a gentle cycle or a delicate setting.

Hand Plushie Washing

There are several ways to wash your plushie with hands, but I recommend using a Liquid Detergent.

Drying your plushie

Most plush toys will be better off air drying. Long furs and plush toys with weak seams should be dried by air. You can also use

Sun Drying: Be sure to flip the cushions every 2 hours until dry. Do NOT let the cushions sit in the sun for several days. You risk the sun damaging it, especially if it is old.

Air Drying: Lay flat your cute plushies on a comfortable, warm and safe surface.

Blow Drying: Be cautious of the heat settings. Remember if your plushies are made of synthetic materials then they may get damaged due to excessive heat. Game machine plushies are often made of felt and can be heat sensitive.

Method# 4: Removers or Spot Washing

Spot removers for clothing should be safe on most fabrics. Always test spot remover on a small area to ensure it’s safe before using it on a larger area. Many of them contain bleach. Tide-To-Go pens are also a famous selection with a lot of positive customer reviews. Also, remember that it is a step prior to washing.

Lysol is my favorite for spot-cleaning plushies. It disinfects and removes dirt at the same time, and doesn’t damage them. It’s a bit wasteful if you don’t like the sheets, though.

To clean items that can’t be cleaned with a regular washer, I use Resolve Spray Wash. It’s amazing for stains and is very effective at cleaning.

Things to look out for to know how to clean an anime plushie.

You can tell a lot about a plushie by looking at it. If the stuffing is messy, the plushie may be messy as well. You can also tell a lot about a plushie by how it’s made. If the design is simple, the plushie may be simple as well.

It’s important to know how to care for anime plushies, but you need to know some things to make sure you don’t ruin your plushie. A lot of people are clueless on how to clean anime plushies. You need to look at the above specific things that will make your plushie a lot cleaner, and make sure to keep it clean, too.

What is the ideal condition for an anime plushie?

What would be the ideal condition for an anime plushie? The ideal condition for an anime plushie is a plushie that’s super soft, a plushie that’s a great size, a plushie that has a great design, and a plushie that’s super affordable.

Regular plushie maintenance is easy and costs less than washing and drying plushies. If you can’t wash or dry your plushies, you may have to give them a bath.


Showing the stuffed animal’s anime side with a little help from cleaning will keep them happy and cozy for longer! It’s time to make sure your anime plushies are in tip-top shape! Keep your anime looking new by cleaning it with care.

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