Display Stuffed Animals: Amazing Creative Ways

  • By: Mohammed Zeliche
  • Date: December 8, 2021
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Stuffed animals are a great addition to any child’s room, but they can quickly become a cluttered mess if you don’t have the right storage. Here are some creative ways to display stuffed animals that will keep your child’s room looking neat and organized! 

The most common way to store stuffed animals is in a plastic bin or basket near their bed. This works well for younger children who may not be able to reach higher shelves on their own, but it can also make your child’s room look messy when it overflows onto the floor where there is no organization system in place. 

If you have older kids who would rather organize themselves than rely on you, try using shelving with bins built into them.

What are Stuffed Animals?

Close up of brown teddy bear

Stuffed animals are soft toys that are used to decorate or comfort children. They may be made of cloth, plush, plastic, rubber, or other materials. Some stuffed animals can even be washed! Depending on the type of toy and its stuffing material, some stuffed animals can even double as pillows for your child’s nap times.

The most commonly found types of stuffed animals tend to be teddy bears and other stuffed bears as well as cats and dogs. However, many girls prefer to have stuffed ponies as their cuddle buddies instead of a giant bear that is hard to carry around all day long.

You’ll also find plenty of other life-like creatures out there from panda bears for those animal lovers who want a bear but also want a little variety, to unicorns and other mythical creatures. Some stuffed animals are even dressed up in children’s clothing while others may look like aliens! There really is a stuffed animal out there for everyone.

The History of Stuffed Animals

You can thank Steiff for creating the first teddy bear in 1903. The company still makes their famous line of teddy bears today! Depending on whether or not you believe that Tofty The Brown Teddy Bear was the first-ever teddy bear created by Morris Michtom in 1902, Steiff gets credit either way. That would mean that they were created within two years of each other and people have been snuggling with stuffed animals ever since!

What are Stuffed Animals Used For?

Stuffed animals can be used as comfort items for children going through tough times, or they can just be a fun toy that your child enjoys playing with throughout the day. 

Kids may even bring their stuffed animals along when they sleep over at a friend’s house because it makes them feel safe and secure to have a favorite cuddle buddy by their side even when they aren’t home. They also make great pillows for sitting on the floor doing arts and crafts or reading books during nap time.

Some kids like to use different colored ones for each book they read while others prefer to have all of their characters from one book together in one place before they start the next story.

Stuffed animals can also be used to decorate a child’s room and add color to the setting. Many kids will collect stuffed animals and put them in different places around their rooms so they can sit and gaze at all of them while they read books or play games during their free time. Kids may even use their stuffed animals to create little plays with different scenarios, which is why many are dressed up in children’s clothing!

Finding the Right Place for Stuffed Animals

Brown bear plush toy

Parents often make the mistake of dumping all of their child’s stuffed animals out on their bed when it is time to change the sheets because there isn’t any other good place to store them at that moment. However, this can create clutter in the room because the stuffed animals are not stored properly.

It is important to find a proper place for all of your child’s stuffed animals so that they can enjoy them whenever they want but still be able to make their bed without worrying about stuffing flying everywhere or having to clean up after their favorite cuddle buddies. 

It’s also good to encourage kids to help with picking up and putting away their stuffed toys so it doesn’t feel like all of the work is on you as the parent!

There are many different ways that parents can store their child’s stuffed friends, depending on how much space they have available in specific areas around their house. 

Some people prefer hanging shelves while others use stacking bins. By placing colored bins together, you can create different themes such as all of the dinosaurs together or all of your child’s favorite animals.

Some people choose to put up hooks on their child’s wall and hang their stuffed animals from there so they can take them all down at once and not have to worry about finding a place for each one every morning before school. 

This is especially helpful if you need to use the bedroom as an extra play area during the day because you don’t have to worry about moving around huge bins filled with stuffed toys in order to get in there! 

It is important that parents help their kids pick out a good place in the house where they can enjoy looking at different kinds of stuffed animals, whether it be placed on top of their dressers or hanging gently off of a hook. 

It is also fun to teach children how they can arrange their stuffed animals in different ways depending on what color theme they may be going for, such as all of the pinks together or the blues and greens. 

You can even use books that have been colored in with crayons and place them neatly inside of bins so that your child has some reading material while they enjoy looking at their favorite stuffed animals!

Here are some creative ways to display stuffed animals:

  • Hang stuffed animals from the ceiling to create a unique and interesting centerpiece.
  • Place them on shelves or tables for display
  • Use them as backdrops for photographs
  • Put them in a large jar with clear water and place it near your front door 
  • Create a “stuffed animal zoo” by lining up all of your favorite plush toys on the floor, dresser, or bedside table
  • Fill an old suitcase with stuffed animals and use it as storage in your closet or under your bed
  • Hang them on the wall
  • Put them in a basket or vase with flowers
  • Use an old bookcase as a display for stuffed animals 
  • Place them on top of your bed, dresser, or nightstand 
  • Create a toy chest out of an old suitcase and use it to store all your toys 


It’s not always easy to find creative ways to display stuffed animals, but this inspiring list of ideas will have you thinking outside the box so your collection can be seen in a whole new way. Whether you’re catering to kids or adults with an appreciation for plush toys, these photos are guaranteed to spark some inspiration! 

If you’ve got any other great ideas on how people could show off their collections, share them below in the comments section. We love hearing from our readers and would love even more if they shared your input with us–we may even feature it as part of another blog post!

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