How to Make Homemade Plushies: Fun and Creative

  • By: Mohammed Zeliche
  • Date: November 11, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

A few months ago, I went to a convention and was struck by the number of people who were lining up for hours waiting to buy something. The closest thing they had to offer that could be called “original” was their own plushies. 

These are soft toys made from fabric sewn-on eyes, nose, and mouth (and maybe some buttons). So I thought about making my own! This post is going to show you how easy it can be. 

This post has been written as an instructional guide. It will teach readers how to make their very own adorable plushies step-by-step so they too can have one of these creative little creatures sitting on their couch or bedside table at home. And best yet?

About Homemade Plushies

Yellow and red chicken plush toy

Homemade plushies are soft toys made from fabric sewn-on eyes, nose, and mouth (and maybe some buttons). Plushies can be designed to look like any person or animal by someone who has sewing skills. Making your own plushie is easy! All you need is a few supplies. So let’s get started!

Get Supplies

You’ll need the following equipment before you start making your first plushie:

  • A pattern
  • Some fabric for the body
  • Filling material (like fiberfill stuffing)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A needle and thread
  • Sewing machine or hand needles (hand stitches take longer but are just as effective)

All of these items should be available at a fabric store. Fabric can be bought by the meter for a few dollars.

Rabbit plushies are a popular choice of animal to make from felt or fleece. You may need to get more than one pattern depending on how big you want your finished product to be! Sewing patterns can be bought in book form, through printable downloads, and even sometimes as PDFs available online.

How to Make Homemade Plushies? 

Brown teddy bear by the window

There are a number of ways in which you may create plushies. You can buy a ball of yarn and some needles, or go to your local thrift store and find an old sweater that you can deconstruct to create your very own ideal plush toy.

The simplest way is to sew up a stuffed animal from a pattern. However, if you have ever tried sewing before, this might not be the quickest solution for you. Although once completed the result will be fairly professional looking and durable.

Another option is crochet, although this again requires a certain degree of skill and patience which many people do not possess! I would recommend at least being able to do a single crochet stitch before starting any project using only the crochet method. The benefit of crochet is that you can work it up a lot faster than knitting or sewing.

You could also try needle felting which is sometimes more preferable for people who have never worked with yarn before as there are no loose threads to pick up and accidentally sew into your plushies! 

However, this method can be a little time-consuming as you must make all the tiny needles yourself from wool roving. Then later on use these very same little needles to feel your fuzzies together. I would recommend this method ONLY if buying the needles from a craft store is not an option.

Finally, you could try sculpting. You will need a good sense of shaping and some time/patience on your hands for this one too! It’s certainly not nearly as difficult as it may seem, you just need to know the basic techniques behind getting the right shapes for your plushies.

Plushies don’t have to look like animals! You may find that making people or other objects are more fun. This post includes patterns for some popular characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, and Rilakkuma. But you can also draw your own! Get creative with it.

Making plushies is finding a pattern. You can make them look like animals or people or other things! Make sure the pattern includes how big the finished product should be that way you know how much fabric to buy. Here are some popular plushie patterns:

Once your pattern is pinned onto the fabric, cut around it carefully so that you have matching pieces for each part of the plushie’s body. In other words, if you have a head and tail pattern, cut both out of different fabrics!

Pin two body pieces together so they overlap slightly at one end and leave a little space between them where you will put the stuffing later on. Use a needle and thread to sew the two pieces together. Make sure all of your seams are as flat as possible.

After sewing the body pieces together, you can attach other parts such as arms and legs! You can also add a face once you have sewn the head and tail on – but remember to leave enough space so that they don’t get stitched shut later on in the process..

Now it is time to insert filling material into your plushies! Put your fiberfill stuffing everywhere except for the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. This will allow those features to be firm but still give your plushie a bit of dimension. Don’t overstuff your plushie though!

When you are done making the plushie, be sure to add details such as eyes, noses, and mouths. You can also cut ears out of felt – just make two little triangles in the shape of an M for each ear. And don’t forget about tails! When your toy is finished, it will look even better with a little bow tie or another accessory!


Next time you’re in the mood to make a new friend, consider crafting your own plush toy! You’ll be able to customize it based on what you like and need. What do you think? Would this be something that would interest or motivate you? We hope so because we love seeing people get creative with their projects. If not, then let us know–we’d still love to hear from our readers! Do any of these DIY ideas inspire creativity for other areas of life too? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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