How to Make Your Own Pokemon Plushies

  • By: Mohammed Zeliche
  • Date: November 12, 2021
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The world of Pokemon is filled with many cute and loveable creatures. If you are a fan, then chances are you have dreamed about having your own favorite pokemon plushie to snuggle up with at night! Do you love Pokémon? Do you like to make things with your hands? If so, this is the blog post for you! You’ll learn how to make homemade Pokémon plushies out of felt. They’re easy, cute, and customizable. Follow these steps and soon enough, you’ll have a whole army of handmade friends that are just waiting to be cuddled up with!

What is a Pokemon?

Yellow Pikachu plush mascot

Pokémon is a series of fictional creatures usually in the form of animals that inhabit the land, sea, air, and space. These characters go by many names: Pocket Monsters, Pokemon, Pokémon, etc. They have been adapted to various pieces of technology throughout their existence such as trading cards, video games, and even manga.

How to Make Pokemon Plushies- Step by Step guidelines:

In this blog post, you will learn how to make a felt pokemon pillow with your own personal touch!

Materials needed for making a Pokemon Plushie: 1 piece of felt- 8×12 inches (slightly smaller is okay) It must be 100% polyester (If it isn’t then you’ll end up with a hairy plushie!) Scissors Fabric glue (with brush applicator) Pins Seam ripper Pins Felt.

Step 1: Measure and Mark Where Your Seams Will Be

To make your pokemon plush, you need to draw lines on the felt that are about an inch apart. You can cut along these lines or just use them as guidelines for making the stitching later. If you are new to sewing, it’s okay to use the lines as guidelines.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pieces

Cut out three pieces of felt that are 8 inches by 12 inches. We will refer to these as the head, body, and tail sections. You can also cut two round or oval shapes for the ears if you want them, but it isn’t necessary since they’re not visible when the plushie is finished.

Step 3: Sew the Pieces Together. Pin and Sew Them Closed

Use your pins as a guide as you sew, keeping them as close to the edge as possible so that they don’t tear through the felt while you’re stitching. You can clip off any excess thread. The seams should be about 1/4 inch apart.

Step 4: Glue the Pieces Together

Spread a thin layer of fabric glue on the seams to hold everything together so that your Pokemon pillow is thick. You can wrap a rubber band or a piece of string around it to keep the fabric from shifting as the glue dries. Let dry for ten minutes before moving on to step 5!

Step 5: Stuffing Your Plushie!

Stuff the plush with stuffing material such as fiberfill, cotton balls, or batting until none of your felt shows through and it has a firm shape. Once you’ve achieved this, sew up any openings in the seam by hand using small stitches over stitching holes if necessary. Your plushie is finished! It’s time to hug it all day long.

Now you have made your very own felt Pokemon!

Tadaa! You are done with your pokemon plush! Wasn’t that easy? I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it useful in making your own pokemon stuffed toy. Thank you for reading!

How to choose the right Materials for making Plushies?

When choosing your materials, always try to use 100% polyester felt. This is because the fiber content will affect the final appearance of the plushie. If it isn’t 100%, you’ll end up making a hairy plushie!

Another great material for making your plushies is Felt-Safe Thermoplastic Pellets which can be bought from craft stores or online! I have used this material in my own projects and they turned out great!

General tips: When cutting pieces of felt, remember that mistakes can always be fixed by simply ripping out stitches. Always leave extra room around your seams so that if you need to rip them apart later, there’s enough room to play with, but too much where it could affect the shape of your plushie.

Hints and Tips for sewing more efficiently: Pin your pieces together before sewing them! Having the pieces pinned will prevent overlapping fabric that could lead to you stitching things on incorrectly. After pinning, check each seam carefully so that everything is in place.

Extra Hint: When folding over the edges, remember to fold inside out first! This way you can hide all of those pesky loose threads on the inside of your plushie once it’s finished.

How are Plushies made?

Yellow and blue plush toy on a green grass

Plushies are generally made by hand or machine stitching two pieces of fabric together usually made of felt, fleece or cotton material. Then stuffing with fiberfill is done followed by either stitching up closed or leaving an opening, which is then turned inside out. A machine will generally use a lock stitch to sew the plushie together using two needles to create one continuous thread.

Differences between Handmade vs. Machine Stitched Plushies:

Machine Stitched Plushies are usually more symmetrical and cleaner than their Handmade counterparts, but on the other hand, handmade plushies tend to have more character because of slight imperfections. Hand stitching can also be beneficial if you’re on a tight budget as it’d be cheaper to learn how to sew by hand!


The internet is a great place to find tutorials on how to make your own Pokemon plushies. With the vast amount of information floating around out there, you can learn about whatever craft or hobby interests you and get started making something amazing right away! Whether it’s crochet, sewing, drawing, painting…there’s literally no limit when it comes to creativity. 

So why not try this new skill? You never know what kind of talent lies just waiting inside that creative mind of yours until you start trying things out! All we ask is that if people like these posts enough they share them with their friends–after all, sharing is caring 🙂

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