Organize Stuffed Animals the Right Way

  • By: Mohammed Zeliche
  • Date: December 9, 2021
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Every child has a favorite stuffed animal. They say it is their best friend and they cuddle with it every night before they go to sleep, but what do you do when there are so many of them? How can we make sure that we don’t lose the most important one? This blog post will show you how to organize your stuffed animals in such a way that you won’t forget which one is your favorite.

Organize Stuffed Animals the Right Way

The best way to organize stuffed animals is by using a shelf. If you have a lot of stuffed animals, this will definitely be the best fit for you. You’ll be able to put all your stuffed animals on display and add some cute accessories such as plush pillows or other types of toys while still maximizing the storage space in your room.

However, if you’re not looking for anything too extravagant and just want something that can store your collection while keeping it out of sight, then we’ve got the perfect solution: stacking drawers! 

These drawers are made specifically to store toys and they come with a divider so you can separate each drawer from another. This way, when one friend falls over from being jostled around in the drawer, none of your other friends will be harmed.

Why Do You Need to Organize Stuffed Animals the Right Way?

Two hanging plush toys

Let’s face it: stuffed animals can be a little bit annoying when you just want your room to feel like a home. By organizing them the right way, we’ll be able to reduce the clutter and create a space that is just for us.

Organizing stuffed animals the right way is simple. In fact, you can do it in five easy steps. Let’s take a look…

  1. Find a shelf or drawer where you can store all your friends . This should be someplace where they aren’t going to get squished by furniture or anything else in your room, so it should be a place where they have their own space. This way, they won’t get too upset when one of their friends falls over or gets forgotten amidst the chaos of everyday life.
  1. Go through all your stuffed animals and identify which ones are your favorites . These will probably be the same toys you’ve had since you were younger (or at least pretty close to that age). Some children like to organize their stuffed animals by size or by color, but this might not work for everyone. 

It’s up to you which method works for you! However, keep in mind that some people may feel more comfortable picking favorites rather than organizing them into groups, especially if these stuffed animals remind them of good memories.

  1. Put their names on them. This is the best way to organize stuffed animals . It’s simple enough when you label any objects in your house with a label maker, or you can use a permanent marker. If necessary, purchase another label so you have one for each friend! Label each friend carefully and find their home in the drawer or shelf that was previously mentioned.
  1. Make sure every toy has its own little bed or house where they belong . Some children prefer to have all of their stuffed animals spread out over the entire drawer or couch, but that may not be sanitary. 

For example, if someone wanted to make sure Mr. Wiggles stayed at the top, they might get upset when it falls to the bottom. This would result in someone feeling stressed out, getting off track from their original mission of organizing stuffed animals.

  1. Have fun with it! Organizing stuffed animals can be a great way of showing you care about them , but there are many other ways to show your love. For example, rather than sorting through each toy, some people simply dust every toy once a month or so instead of picking favorites and putting names on everything. 

Other children may choose to color-code their toys by placing all red ones together or all yellow ones together instead of labeling each animal individually. What matters is that you have fun with it! This will not only help the organization process go more smoothly but will also make everyone feel better overall.

Think About the Space 

Think about the space you have available. Whether it’s a shelf or an entire drawer, find something that has decent depth to ensure your animals will fit.

Remove All Animals from Package and Sort Them by Size

It sounds simple, but getting the smaller ones out first is important! Dimension doesn’t matter so much as size – larger animals can go on the bottom while you work your way up with smaller toys. Have a garbage bag or container nearby in case you have to get rid of any stuffed animals that are broken or have been chewed on by Fido when no one was looking…

Take Everything Out!

Take everything out! Organizing stuffed animals the right way means putting them back in an organized fashion. Put all items from drawers/shelves in a pile somewhere else, and ensure the area is completely clear before starting any work.

Organize by Type (toy) or by Personal Preference (favorite)

A girl hugging plush toys

Some people like to sort stuffed animals within the drawer by type – all bear together, all dogs together, etc. Others prefer to pick out their favorite toy and make sure it’s always on top of the pile! This is totally up to you – do what feels right for you at this moment! There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to organize stuffed animals as long as they’re categorized in some form or another.

Take Time

It’s important to give yourself enough time for this project. Depending on how many stuffed animals you have, it could take between several hours and perhaps even several days! Take breaks if necessary – organizing is tiring work, but very rewarding when finished!

Place Each Toy According to Category (type/size/favorite)

Once everything has been organized into piles, find homes for all toys according to category. Figure out whether you’re going by type (toy) or personal preference (favorite), which was the second step mentioned above, and place each toy in its own “house” or bed accordingly. This will make it easier to put them all away in the end.

Place Large Items on the Bottom and Smaller Ones on Top

Big brown plush toy

Doing this will keep large stuffed animals from taking up too much room at the bottom while you work your way up with smaller toys. Bigger toys should go to the bottom while smaller ones should go towards the top! Just try not to get distracted by how cute that pink panda is positioned in front of its new house…

Once you have all homes made for each toy, start arranging them each by category again – type, size, or personal preference. It’s important to get everything squared away before putting them all away!

Put animals in their “homes” – place each toy inside its own little bed according to type, size, or personal preference. This will ensure they all fit snugly within the drawer/shelf/cabinet you designated for stuffed animal storage. Make sure everything still fits properly when done!

There may be some toys that are no longer played with anymore but that remind your children of better times or friends who have long since moved on from this phase of their lives. Find a special spot for these items so they might bring back special memories one day. Also, you can organize the stuffed animals in some different ways that we describe below- 

  • Sort stuffed animals by size and type
  • Store them in a bin or basket that is easy to carry around the house
  • Label each container with what’s inside so it’s easier to find later on, for example “Puppies” or “Dogs”
  • Keep toys out of sight when not in use to avoid having clutter build up 
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects near any stuffed animals so they don’t get damaged

Wrap Up

In this blog post, we covered how to organize stuffed animals in your home for a better time when you’re looking for them. We hope that by the end of reading it you have a better understanding on what works and what doesn’t work so well. If anything is unclear or if you still need help organizing your toys, please let us know! Our team will be happy to guide you through everything from storage solutions to creative ways of storing stuffed animals until they are needed again.

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