How to Store Your Stuffed Animals: Closets and Shelves

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  • Date: December 15, 2021
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Stuffed animals are everywhere in your house. They’re on the floor, on the couch, and they even seem to be following you around like a shadow. You can’t get rid of them because they’re so cute! But there has to be a better way to store them than piling them up anywhere that’s free. Here are some ideas for stuffed animal storage: closets and shelves.

Stuffed animals are usually one of the first things that children receive for their birthdays or Christmas. They often require a lot of care and attention in order to keep them looking new. Here are some tips on how to store your stuffed animals in order to keep them looking great! 

What Do You Need to Store Your Stuffed Animals?

Hooks and a few nails. That’s all you need to hang your stuffed animals from the ceiling or wall. You can also use a shelf for your stuffed animals to sit on, but make sure the shelf is up high enough so that they aren’t in anyone’s way. 

There are many places you can put a shelf for stuffed animals: above a door, next to a closet, or even inside of one! The possibilities are endless when it comes to where to put your shelves and hooks! Ask an adult if you’re not sure about hanging anything in your room, though.

Closets and Shelves

Closets and shelves are great ways to store children’s clothes, especially if they have lots of clothes but not that much storage space. You can fit stuffed animals in your closet by storing them on the top shelf where they won’t take up too much room. 

The shelf should be somewhere high so that children don’t have any accidents with it, like falling off of it or getting hurt by an object falling onto them. Make sure you keep all of the clothes that are hanging in there organized! Then you can put stuffed animals on the lower shelves to create more space for your clothes to hang.

Ways to store personal items: Closet and Shelf 

Closet systems such as this one help keep clutter off the floor and create more space in your closet:

If you’re looking for a way to organize and store all of those personal items that just seem to be scattered across your floor, we have some great ideas on how to keep it all neat and tidy! Here are some ideas on how to keep yourself organized:

You can use shelves such as this one if you don’t feel like using shelves. This will help save up space inside of your closet so that everything is well-organized. You can also put hooks or nails around the insides of your closet so that you can hang belts, scarves, ties, hats etc. so they don’t take up any room lying on the ground on a table where they could get ruined.

Ways to organize Your Toys

Hooks are an easy way to get more storage space in the closet! Here are some ways you can get all of those toys organized so that they don’t take up too much room:

You can use special storage boxes like this one in order to make things easier for you when looking for certain toys or clothing items. Containers with compartments will help keep small items together, making it easier for kids (or even adults) who need them in a pinch. 

You can also put shelves up in your closet (and even on your walls if there’s enough space!) and label each section of the shelf depending on what goes inside of it. For instance, you could have a section for mittens and scarves, another one for hats and gloves, another for socks etc.

You can also use the top of your door to hang up clothes you don’t wear often but are keeping just in case. You can even get creative with it! Feel free to design your own closet storage systems or buy ones that suit what you need.

EASY solutions for organizing Your Office

Set up simple filing cabinets beside each other, side by side on the wall, or along an entire hallway so that you have more space to work with. If you’re using them against the wall then try using brackets to hold everything together and keep things from falling. 

If you’re putting them along a hallway, make sure they are sturdy enough to stand on their own. You could also consider using green fasteners or hooks to hang certain files together so that everything is easily accessible without getting too cluttered. Get creative!

Stuffed Animals can be expensive, especially if you have an extensive collection. The best way to store these beloved plush toys is either in boxes or glass cabinets with doors so they don’t get dusty or dirty over time. If you prefer not having glass cabinets, it’s okay because there are other ways you can store your stuffed animal collection without worrying about dusting every day! 

Wrap Up

There are many ways to store your stuffed animals, but remember that you should do what works best for you and make sure they can all fit. If closets or shelves work better for the type of room you have, then by all means use them! Whichever way you choose to keep your favorite plush friends close at hand will be a good solution as long as it is functional.

Remember that if these methods don’t suit your needs, there may always be another option out there waiting for discovery in this blog post! We hope we can help with some ideas on how to store your loved ones so they feel cozy and safe while also not taking over too much space in their home.

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