Cheap Plush Toys: Where to Find the Best Deals

  • By: Mohammed Zeliche
  • Date: December 10, 2021
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There are many places that sell cheap plush toys. Whether you’re looking for quality or quantity, you’ll be able to find it at one of these stores! The best part is, all of these stores offer huge discounts on their merchandise. You can get a large selection of high-quality toys without breaking the bank.

It’s not always easy to find cheap stuffed animals, but this list will help you out! This article discusses where to buy plush toys for your child and how much they cost. It also includes a video of the top places online that offer great deals on these items. Get ready to have some fun with your kids by checking out these awesome websites below!

This blog post is about finding good deals for inexpensive plush toys. We hope you enjoy reading it and leave with something useful in hand or at least an idea of what kind of deal you are looking for.

What are Plush Toys?

Plush toys are stuffed animals made of fabric. They are typically produced in factories, though it is possible to make them by hand. Usually, plush toy animals have sewn-on eyes or noses. Some have other features that give the animal a more realistic look. 

The bodies are usually just two pieces of fabric stuffed with cotton stuffing or synthetic materials like polyester batting. There is no visible opening on the body that would allow for this stuffing process. Instead, most plush toys have a zipper running around the middle of their bodies so they can be decorated and customized.

Types of Plushies:

There are several types of plush toys available today: Beanbag Plush Toys is one type that’s very popular internationally. These are plush stuffed toys usually filled with beans or pellets, which give them their unique shape. They are often used as pillows because of their squishy texture. 

Beanbag plush toys can also double as home decor accessories since they come in different shapes and colors. They’re best for children ages 3 to 8 years old. Plush Toys with Squeakers Some plush toys have squeakers inside them that make noise when you squeeze them tightly in your palm. Many kids love this feature because it adds excitement when playing with the toy! 

It’s perfect for cuddling, hugging, or decorating your room because they come in various styles and characters to choose from. Here is a list of cheap Japanese stuffed animals you might want to consider. Plush Toys with Velcro Tabs These plush toys have velcro pieces on their hands and feet that allow you to attach them to other things. 

Children love to play with these because they can easily use their imagination as these animals can be used as a ride-on toy or a playmate during pretend playtime! The good thing about this feature is that it also helps develop kids’ motor skills. Adventure Time Plush Toys 

This is one of the most popular TV shows today, making its way into many children’s hearts. You can now buy plush toys inspired by your favorite characters in this animated series like Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, Bmo (Beemo), Ice King, Gunther, Lemongrab, and more!

Teddy Bears One of the most popular types of plush toys is teddy bears. These cute stuffed animals are best for children of all ages. They make wonderful gifts, great playmates during sleepovers, and useful items to decorate your room with. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, materials (like the famous alpaca), and features (like embroidered designs). 

The good thing about buying a teddy bear plush toy today is that you can easily find cheap ones at your local toy store or online on sites like Etsy. Animal Plush Toys are also very popular among kids these days. 

A wide variety of animal characters are available including dogs or puppies, cats or kittens, horses, farm animals like pigs or cows, and even wild animals like pandas and elephants. You can find many of these stuffed toys at your local toy store. If you’re looking for a more unique item, however, then online shopping is the best option for you!

Online Stores to Buy Plush Toys:

Gray bear plush toy

If you’re looking for an inexpensive plush toy or two, here are some of the most popular online stores where you can buy it:

Amazon  – this site has lots of cheap toys on their page (including plush ones), but do take note that they only ship within the U.S., so if you live in any other country then perhaps this site isn’t exactly right for you. 

Etsy  – if you prefer handmade plush toys over the ones that are manufactured in large quantities, then Etsy is your best bet.  This site features a lot of artists who create their own stuffed animal designs and sell them on this site so you can easily get your hands on unique items. With or without customization, these custom plushies are sold at very affordable prices. 

DIY Plush Toys  – if you’re crafty and would like to make your own toy, then this site is perfect for you! Here you’ll find complete instructions and tutorials on how to turn old unwanted clothes into a brand new cuddly toy. Use this idea as a way to recycle clothes that no longer fit or have holes.

Plush Toys for Adults:

If you’re an adult who’s looking for stuffed toys, then consider buying these items as gifts or even items to decorate your living room. They make great conversation starters especially if the people you’re having a chat with are animal lovers! For adults who are into plushies, there are lots of sites where they can find unique and rare plush designs so be sure to check them out next time you want to give yourself a gift.

Stuffed toy animals come in all shapes and sizes so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find one that best suits your personality or preference. If you want something cute and cuddly then perhaps large teddy bears or panda dolls would do. If wild animals are your thing then maybe picking up a tiger or snake plush toy would be perfect for you.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to buy stuffed toys, take note that it’s not just about playtime. It’s also about fun and relaxation so choose the type of toy that will best help you relax after a long day at work or school.

Where to Buy Cheap Plush Toys:

A brown teddy bear on a swing

You might wonder if you are looking for a gift or trying to make your budget stretch further. Many plush toys sell for very low prices, but unfortunately, most of them are cheaply made and not worth buying at all. But don’t despair! There are many great sources that offer high-quality at discount prices, and they can be found either in large department stores or online. 

One good place to check out is the Disney Store, which offers numerous lines of plush toys at reasonable prices ranging from $7 – $15 each depending on size. While these toys may not have as much detail as the more expensive brands, they still have soft bodies and bright, engaging faces.

Another good place to find plush toys is Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. These stores specialize in selling excess inventory at discount prices, and they often carry plush toys for well below suggested retail costs. 

For example, many stores currently carry the TY Beanie Babies line of plush toys at about $4 each; these are high-quality items that originally retailed for $8-$10 each not long ago!

If you don’t want to go out shopping but still want to save money on your next toy purchase, one option worth checking into is eBay , which is a worldwide online auction site where virtually anything can be purchased. 

Auctions on eBay run for a predetermined amount of time and attract thousands of bidders; the final price is generally higher than retail but lower than what most offline stores would charge. However, you must also factor in shipping costs (usually around $5-$10) and all items must be paid for with PayPal, an online payment service that charges a small fee per transaction.

Other places to consider include flea markets, movie theater concession counters, dollar stores, wholesale clubs such as Sam’s Club or Costco, and even dollar bins at various toy retailers such as Target. These locations typically do not carry large selections of plush toys but may have something suitable if you are flexible about color/style choices. 

Also, keep in mind that most local stores usually have a clearance rack or closeout bin where they sell older items at discounted prices; these are worth checking occasionally, but be aware that you often won’t know the quality of what you’re buying until after you get it home.

Have Trouble Finding Exactly What You Want?

If none of these tips work for your particular situation, another option is to go online and order from one of many plush toy catalogs that specialize in selling directly to consumers through the mail. 

There are numerous companies that offer this service, some better than others depending on product selection and pricing. You can find a list of them at Buy Plush Toys (, which is a website dedicated to helping people find plush toys at low prices.

Do bear in mind that most of these sources are intended primarily as online retailers, so if you prefer to buy your toys offline please keep this in mind before heading out the door! 

If you must shop locally first, consider checking after hours when traffic is slower salespeople may be more willing to help you and keep in mind that some big-box stores (such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco ) offer good selections of plush toys as well below suggested retail costs.

Besides price or style, another factor to consider when looking for plush toys is size; many online retailers offer a variety of sizes ranging from “mini” (about 4″-5″) to large (often around 50″). 

If this interests you, check out the Size Chart at Plush Toys World (, which provides measurements for the most available plush toys offered by various companies including Disney Store, TY Inc., Gund, Melissa & Doug, Aurora World, Peaceable Kingdom, Ganz, Russ Berrie & Co., and others.

One more thing before you go… If you are visiting this site in hopes of finding plush toys available at deep discounts, please keep in mind that prices listed on these pages are wholesale costs for retailers only. 

That means if you find the same toy listed here for less than listed on this page, it’s against the law to buy it from one of our distributors and then attempt to sell it yourself!

Please do not contact us about pricing information because we will not respond; we’re just letting you know upfront so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later if/when your orders don’t ship.


In the end, it is all about finding a plush toy that best suits your needs. We know how difficult this can be with so many choices available to you. Thankfully, we have compiled some of our favorite places for buying cheap plush toys online! Check out what they had to offer and see if any of them suit your need for a good deal on a cute stuffed animal.

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