7 Places to buy Plushies and Stuffed Animals: Buyer’s Guide

  • By: Mohammed Zeliche
  • Date: November 10, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Some people have a love affair with their stuffed animals. They are the perfect cuddle buddy and bring back memories of sweet childhood memories. For others, they are just another item to buy when they’re bored or need something to do. I’m sure you’ve seen the “I want it all” meme floating around Facebook – if not, check it out! Regardless of your reason for buying plushies and stuffed animals, you will find this guide helpful in finding the best places to shop online for them!

What are plushies and stuffed animals?

Plushies and stuffed animals are two different things. A plush is anything that has been made to look like a particular character by using a fabric-like material in the design of the product. They can be dolls, pets, etc. In contrast, a stuffed animal is a plushie that has been sewn together so it’s actually 3D instead of 2D.

Where can I buy my plushies and stuffed animals?

Stuffed animal toy on snow

There are a lot of places you can buy your furry friends – but not all of them will have what you’re looking for! It’s important to have an idea in mind before you begin shopping online or else you may end up with items that don’t mesh well with your place setting. Here are seven places I recommend:


This is probably one of my favorite places to shop and download things, and it’s easy to see why! They have a huge variety of plushies and stuffed animals for sale, including some really unique items. If you want more information on the plush toy before committing to your purchase, they will even include an image gallery that goes with each product.


This is another great site for shopping online because you never know what type of deals you’re going to come across. On eBay, you can actually search for “plushies” and find some really great deals. While their search engine isn’t the best, I’ve had some pretty good luck with it before! If you’re into plushies that are “one-of-a-kind”, then eBay might have exactly what you’re looking for.


This is an excellent place to shop for unique plushies because there are so many different types of sellers! Some people use accessories or accessories, while others knit or crochet them yourself. You can find anything from handmade teddy bears to scarves made out of your favorite video game characters. 

Just make sure to take a look at each item’s description and policies before making a purchase – you don’t want any surprises once it arrives!


Are you kidding?” Unfortunately, they have a lot of plushies and stuffed animals for sale at fairly decent prices. They do have some pretty good deals from time to time (especially on the clearance rack), so it’s worth checking them out if you feel like shopping locally.


Another great place to shop locally is Target! Although prices can be a little higher than Walmart’s, they still have some really good sales that might catch your attention. When I was younger, my mom would take us to Target just so I could look at all the toys – it was like a toy store but much bigger!


Just like Walmart, Kmart has some pretty good deals if you’re willing to look around for them. Unfortunately, they don’t have as many options as other sites do – but you can still find some unique items! You can check out all their plushies by clicking this link, and their stuffed animals here.

Etsy – Handmade Plushie Shop:

If you’re looking for something handmade, then Etsy is one of your best bets! There are tons of different people selling handmade plushies that vary in size and style; Plus they offer free shipping once you reach a certain price limit. I highly recommend this site because I’ve bought them twice and had almost no issues! You can check out my reviews on the two shops I’ve personally bought from here and here.

Why Buy the Plushies?

Who doesn’t like to take cute pictures? From the cat-faced keychain plushie to the Minecraft creeper you can totally find something that appeals to your preference. Even if you are not into photography, why not buy them as gifts for someone you know? You are bound to make their day!

Where else do I buy these plushies and stuffed animals?

Brown bear plush toy

You can also try out other sites such as GameStop, Hot Topic, Etsy, etc. Buying online is a good alternative since these items are not easily available in retail stores. You can keep your eyes peeled on any of those sites for discounts or special deals, plus it’s very convenient because you don’t have to leave home! Just be sure to check on their policies and shipping rates.

If the plushie is of very high quality, that means it has been handmade and not machine-sewn; this will cost more than those of average quality which are made by machines. On average, good quality plushies will cost anywhere from $20-$100 (in increments of $10). 

Since they are handmade and some materials may be scarce for certain characters, you might want to set your budget higher depending on what you like. However, if you’re looking for something cuter and/or smaller in size, be ready to fork out less money! The cheapest I’ve found so far was an 8″ Pikachu for $5 – so keep your eyes peeled!

If the plushie is being sold by a private seller, be sure to check their policies and returns. Why? If you are unhappy with the product, it’s best to contact the seller first to see if they can make an effort (at least try) to fix it. If such actions aren’t applicable, then you should ask for a refund. 

But this will depend on whether or not the seller sets such policies. Some may even require you to pay for return shipping; if that’s the case, do some research before buying anything from them in order for you to avoid any inconveniences later on.


If you’re looking for the perfect stuffed animal or plushie, this guide should have given you an idea of where to go. We hope that this helps! Happy shopping and happy reading.

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