“How to” You Want To Wrap Up Your Favorite Plushies

  • By: Mohammed Zeliche
  • Date: December 9, 2021
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The holidays are coming up soon, which means it’s time to start wrapping your favorite plushies. If you have never wrapped a toy before, there are some easy steps that will help you out! This blog post is going to show you three ways to wrap a stuffed animal with tissue paper.

What are Plushies?

A plushie is a stuffed animal that you can hug and play with! Plushies are usually either handmade or store-bought, but they’re all meant to be hugged. You can choose from almost any animal imaginable: dogs, cats, bunnies – even dragons and unicorns!

There’s no limit on how many different types of plushies there are; it’s up to your imagination. Some people like collecting these toys and storing them in special rooms (called “plushie closets”). 

Other people like keeping their favorite toy out at all times so they always have something cute to cuddle up against. Most kids love playing with plushies because they’re soft and fun to snuggle with while watching TV or reading a book.

The Basic Steps for Wrapping Plushies

Wrapping up your favorite plushie is easy! There are three simple steps to follow: wrapping with tissue paper, folding the edges inward, and then sealing it all together with tape or string. The following instructions will show you how to wrap different types of plushies using this method; there’s nothing tricky about it!

 Just make sure that you’re not running out of materials when you’re in the middle of wrapping your toy. You can use any type of material (such as tulle) instead of tissue paper if needed, but most people like fluffy tissues since they look cute on Christmas morning too!

How To Wrap A Stuffed Animal With Tissue Paper

White sheep plush toy

The first step to wrapping a toy is choosing the right material. If you don’t have tissue paper, any type of fabric will do! It’s best if it’s soft and fluffy so that your plushie feels comfortable while resting in its new outfit. 

The second step involves folding the edge inward before putting tape or string around it. The last step is sealing up all sides and then adding embellishments like bows and ribbon – whatever makes you happy! 

You can also add a card with a special message just for your friend or family member; give them something they can cherish forever as well as enjoy on Christmas morning when unwrapping their favorite present from Santa Claus (their stuffed animal). 

Here are some on how to wrap an adorable plushie in tissue paper to make your friend or family member smile (or how to wrap a stuffed animal):

Step One: Gather Materials. You will need some soft fabric, like fluffy tissues; string, ribbon, and tape; scissors; and lastly, an adorable plushie! 

Step Two: LayOut Tissues. Start with laying out three layers of the material you chose (in this case it’s tissue paper). Make sure that each sheet overlaps by about two inches before moving on to the next one. This ensures that when everything is finished it won’t be see-through on Christmas morning when everyone opens their presents under the tree. 

Step Three: Fold Edge Inward And Roll Plushie Inside Fabric Tubes. Once all sheets of material are laid out, fold the edge of each layer inward and roll up your plushie inside it. Make sure that you’re not rolling too tightly or loosely – just enough to keep everything together and prevent any creases from popping through on Christmas morning!

Step Four: Secure With String Or Ribbon And Seal Edges With Tape. Once rolled, tie a ribbon around all three layers (if preferred). 

The final step is sealing up all sides with tape; make sure there’s no opening for anything to pop out! You can also decorate by adding bows or other embellishments like glitter if desired. Now you have an adorable present ready to be unwrapped under the tree this holiday season!

How to Wrap a Stuffed Animal in a Box

A boy carrying yellow bear plush toy

Wrapping your plushie in tissue paper is just one option. You can also use a box to create an even more impressive gift! If you’re worried about getting the right size for your toy, measuring it with string beforehand will help ensure that it fits inside without any problems. When you have everything ready, follow these steps: 

Step One 

Gather Materials – Tissue paper or fabric; A special box or glittery wrapping paper (If Preferred); ribbons & bows and other embellishments like flowers or buttons to add some flair; tape or string for sealing edges; scissors; cardstock with our favorite stuffed animal’s name on it just in case someone else might open the present by accident; a Pen or sharpie to write your own special message inside. 

Step Two

Lay Out Tissues – Lay out the tissue paper or fabric on a flat surface, making sure that it’s big enough to cover your box (if using one). Make sure there are no wrinkles in the material by smoothing them over with your hands before moving onto step three. 

Step Three 

Fold Over And Roll The Edges Of Fabric – Take each layer of tissue and fold the edge inward toward the center of your present (towards where you want it to end up after wrapping); this will make for clean edges later when assembled! Then roll everything together like you would if you were putting away laundry – folding and rolling until all layers meet in the middle and your plushie is safely inside.

Step Four

Add Embellishments – Decorate by adding ribbons or bows, buttons or flowers; anything that makes you happy! The last step is sealing up all sides with tape so nothing can pop out on Christmas morning when everyone opens their presents under the tree.


Well, what do you want to know? I’ve given a few tips for how to care for your favorite plushies. Did any of the points resonate with you or spark some ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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